Friday, December 25, 2009

24 hours with the Nokia e71

Okay so I've officially had my nokia e71 for 24 hours and I must say.. I AM IN LOVE WITH THIS PHONE!!!! Nokia really struck gold with this one I'll admit it. The web browser is fantastic for a phone with a querty keyboard and the best one on a mobile phone besides the iphone (The flash support gives it an extra umph). Call quality is really clear and receptive and the speakerphone isnt bad. It multitasks really well, and has an awesome Task manager. The keyboard is easy to use but is a little weird. Some of the keys are offset a little (I always end up pressing m instead of n). My biggest gripe with the phone so far is the camera. IT IS HORRIBLE which i really resent because i love to take pictures but everything else makes up for it. Tomorrow I'll put up a slideshow of pics i took with the phone and ill go over some third party apps i downloaded... stay tuned

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